Dove Construction

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Swindon Recycling Services

A drive through centre for waste disposal

Swindon Waste Management Centre

Swindon Services, a division of Thamesdown Council, required the construction of a recycling and waste management facility which was both utilitarian and fully accessible to the general public. Dove Construction won the tendered contract for their particular expertise in reinforced concrete construction, having worked for Swindon Services on numerous projects in the past.

A conventional civil engineering contract, Dove Construction delivered the construction of the reinforced concrete elevated platform with public access ramps, together with all the associated drainage. The storm water drainage required the construction of a number of concrete pipes to discharge the possibly polluted water into a mini pumping station for correct disposal.


The raised concrete platforms were treated with a special surface treatment repellent to water and oil attack, essential for a facility that deals on a daily basis with diverse waste and potential spillages.

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