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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Blade Engineering

MOT bays, metalworking and office space

Blade Engineering

Built using AstronDelighted with three previous projects completed for him by Dove Construction, local businessman John Bevan confidently entrusted Blade Engineering to them from initial concept, through specification and design to the final construction and commissioning.

Dove Construction was the sole Design & Build Contractor for this industrial building that utilises the modular Astron Building System.

To create an interesting and strong architectural feature this building has the tapered columns, typical of the Astron steel frame construction, reversed and incorporated externally. These same columns also support a high level crane system enabling the smooth and efficient running of the engineering processes.

This multi purpose building includes a 12,000 sq ft light engineering facility together with garage workshops and an additional 1,200 sq ft mezzanine office.


The final building meets all of the company's commercial requirements, with a bright, spacious interior and an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

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