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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Flexible, innovative and versatile

As an authorised dealer for Cover-All, Dove Construction is excited to be able to offer this advanced steel frame and fabric cover system.

Cover-All offers economical solutions for a wide variety of applications, including; equestrian centres, equipment and materials storage, vehicle storage, warehousing and also event arena.

Generally, all Cover-All products can be installed in less time than conventional structures.

There are four Cover-All designs:

  • Legend
  • TITAN Low Slope
  • Icon


The patented Cover-All Legend building design allows for an open and airy clear-span structure.

Legend buildings are designed with a continuous arch all the way around, allowing for an even tension and a smooth support of the cover, eliminating wear points that could cause the cover to stress or loosen and ensures maximum structural load capacity.

Although engineered for permanent use, they can be moved with relative ease and assembled where they are needed most. Legend buildings are designed for quick installations.


The Cover-All TITAN buildings offer tremendous strength and durability in a massive clear-span space, and are designed to meet the needs of large operations. Pre-engineered for use around the World and rated for wind and snow loads, TITAN buildings maintain structural integrity even under unbalanced conditions.

The TITAN Low Slope buildings are especially engineered for use in high wind load regions and can be fully constructed in just weeks.


The Cover-All Icon building design allows for an open and airy structure utilizing a high-strength steel framework supporting the fabric-membrane outer cover. Engineered for quick and simple installation, they can be located and assembled where they are needed the most. High quality components are used to manufacture every Icon building giving you quick-to-install storage that is built to last.

Cover-All Icon buildings are available in 26' wide units and the modular design allows you to modify the building to meet your changing needs.

Icon High Clearance

Constructed of rolled steel tube arches, the Icon framework is friction fit using slip fit connections. This building can accommodate a variety of door options in widths and heights up to 12' wide x 14' high. Bay spacing is available in 10', 8' and 5' centres to meet your local weather conditions including wind and snow loads.

Dove Construction is part of a world-wide product support network and provides service and support for all your building needs - before, during and after your building installation.

For more detail on the Cover-All Building System see the Cover-All website.

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