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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Stentorfield/Crane Merch.

Headquarters incorporating offices and warehousing

Stentorfield / Crane Merchandising

Built using AstronIn an industry where repeat business for a client is rare, the strong relationship between Dove Construction and the US company Crane Merchandising, formerly known as Stentorfield, is exceptional. Over an eight year period, Dove Construction were contracted to undertake the turnkey design and construction of commercial and warehouse facilities for the company on three separate occasions.

The initial building was constructed using the Astron Building System to provide manufacturing and storage space with offices and showroom facilities. Subsequently, Dove Construction built a small extension on the side of the building to house a new dispatch unit. Six years later Dove Construction added a further extension, with a 66 metre clear span, which incorporated the research and development facilities along with production area and offices.

Each new phase of the building uses the same Astron Building System to achieve a unified appearance, with high quality interior finish and exterior design that reflects the company's leading role in the industry.


As selected Astron builder dealers, Dove Construction bring creative expertise to create such features as the cost effective glass frontage, which is truly eye catching, adding interest and individuality to what could have been a conventional looking building.

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