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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Alcan Printing

Multi Storey Building system

Alcan Printing

Built using AstronPart of the global Alcan Group, this printing division produces high quality consumer packaging.

These high specification offices are one of the first in the UK to be built using the Astron Multi-Storey Building (MSB) system. MSB systems use traditional beams and columns but with the concrete flooring acting as an integral part of the structure to add stability. The modern appearance is achieved by a combination of cavity wall construction and architectural flat composite panels.

Working with architect and client, Dove Construction were able to suggest constructive modifications to the scheme originally proposed, in order to deliver the project on time and meet the tight budgetary constraints of the client.


Initially contacted by Alcan to build a replacement factory area on the same site, Dove were asked to negotiate the contract to demolish the old offices and construct these modern offices to include reception, private and open plan offices, washrooms, kitchen area, stairs and lift access.

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